Summer To-Do List

A Student's Summer To-Do List

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With the exam season almost over and summer vacations around the corner, we thought we’d share some useful activities that can help you develop a better profile as a student. Here are a few activities that you can adopt during the summers.

Look into doing an online course

Multiple online learning platforms exist that offer exciting courses that you can take right from home. Coursera, Udemy, Edx are just a few examples. If you’re in 10th grade or above, an introductory course in, let’s say, website development could help you develop some interest and be an eye opener towards different fields. The best part is you get to pick anything that interests you and do the course at your own pace right from home. Some courses are free and a certificate indicating you took the course could look great on your CV and might even help with university applications later on!

Do an internship

Internships or work experience at organizations is often something most students look for in university so that they can add it on their CVs. However, if you begin early you can get a lot of exposure into working in a professional environment. Do not worry about it being paid or unpaid. Think of it as a great learning experience and a good way to view different work fields up close. Internees who are college going students may be given very basic tasks that may not look too important but the experience of interacting and networking in an office environment is something you definitely should try to get.

Community Service

Giving back to the community is a very self fulfilling experience so why not volunteer in the summers and spread some smiles. This could include teaching unprivileged students, volunteering at an orphanage, raising funds for a NGO etc. It’s good to spend a few hours bringing about some positive change around you. In today’s world, universities and even companies look at how well rounded you are as an individual. So why not do something positive around you and may be even have that act to your advantage later on.

Learn a new skill

Instead of watching TV all day or social media engagement, look into learning a new skill. It is very important for self development and fosters creativity. Learning to play an instrument, trying your hand at knitting or giving a shot at graphic designing are some of the few skills you may be interested in acquiring.This could look great on your CV as well.