Reading Leading to Greatness

Reading and how it leads to greatness

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Reading and how it leads to greatness

Book reading is the habit of the greats. The average CEO reads 60 books a year; that is more than one book per week. We are not telling you to read a book a week, but even if your pace is ten percent of that, you can go places. Read on to find out why!


Every person’s life has exploration as a central aspect—both the world around them and that inside them. Books allow us to zoom out of our self-observed lens and focus on the larger, broader perspective. Once you start reading, you realize how little you know and how limited your experiences are, and what this does is humble you towards all the treasure troves of knowledge that exist untapped out there. You might not remember every fact you read, but the process of gaining diverse knowledge will be one of self-development itself! If you’re into fiction, the very act of imagining an alternate reality will provide a boost to your creativity!

Career success

For all the experimenting and exploration we talk about as a way to find your passions, book reading is actually the smartest way to get a feel of as many fields as you can without having to spend heaps of time and money. Contrast this with spending millions on a college education and perhaps a few months in a career stream only to realize that you hate your new career. Just turn a few pages and find out what the experts are talking about and ask yourself “Does this conversation intrigue me?” If so, congratulations, you are closer to finding your passion! Find out what challenges the industry faces. Can you solve them? If yes, you are all set to make a lot of money. Find out what opportunities the field holds. If you can tap them, you are ready to win at life.

The mindset

If you are a regular reader, you would know that we have always emphasized on working smart, being innovative and thinking out of the box. The dots can easily be connected with how this is closely linked to the importance of innovation and disruption that we talked about. That’s where books come in—they help you develop your mindset so that it is ripe for idea generation and creative thinking. Critics often say that it is impossible to remember everything you read. Sure but how do you argue with the fact that the more books you read, the more mindsets, the more frameworks you are exposed to. These are people who have done made a mark in their respective fields (with a creative work of art if you read fiction). Once you have done this, you are ready to approach your own field with hundreds of frameworks and it is obvious how you are more likely now than the average person to solve the problems facing you.

Access to greatness

Throughout time, millions of great personalities have unleashed their creative genius to change the course of history and have a huge impact on how we live today. From Steve Jobs’ iPhone to Alan Turing’s Bombe to Martin Luther King’s struggle to Phil Knight’s Nike, greatness has taken many forms. If you aspire to make your mark on history as theirs, we can all agree that there is a lot you can learn from them. However you may not have access to them, maybe because you are not in their network, or maybe because they are dead. However, their books are living pieces of their legacy that give you access to their minds, to tap into their potential and use it in your journey for greatness.
So there you have it, we hope you are ready to go hunting for the treasure that is waiting to be hunted and savoured. Best of luck!