Quarantine Activities

NO EXAMS! What could this mean for you?

So it is official! Whether you are in secondary school, high school, or if your kids are in primary school, there will likely be no exams this year. This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment! You might be hating the fact that you can’t be productive anymore. As a parent, you probably despise the fact that all your kids do now is playing PS4, sleeping, and watching Netflix. But we are here to tell you the opposite. These times can be the most productive time of your life as a student, only if you learn to use it right.

Clarify any old concepts that you may have not found time to focus on!

If you are academically weak at certain subjects, this period is a lucky break for you. You should take advantage of this is by strengthening your foundations for the subject you lag behind in. You may have always had a problem understanding subject concepts with the teachers in your class, but this is a great opportunity to explore the internet for a thousand other explanations that are available. You will be shocked at how much of a difference a 10-minute explanation of a key concept can make in your understanding of a subject! After all, even with no exams, you will need the knowledge in the classes to come!

Your exams were a distraction!



If the exams had not been canceled, most students would be busy in the endless cycle of all-nighters and past papers to make sure they aced their exams. Most of the time, it shifts a student’s focus from the long term to the short term. It prevents them from looking at the larger picture, from seeing if all their efforts have any role to play in the bigger picture of what they want to do in life. Or even worse, most students don’t even know what their goals in life are!
Thankfully, with the exams no more there to distract us, this should be a time of strategy formulation. Instead of focusing on marks now would be a good time to see what careers you are more compatible for and work on the soft skills that will help you build a profile.

Look at the bigger picture- plan ahead!

Career Counselling
All right, you have always been divided about which university to attend, which degree to do, or which subjects to take in your A-Levels, depending on your grade level. All of these questions fit in with what your life goals are.
Use this time to do some research into the different career choices out there, the relative impact that each has on society, and the lifestyle of professionals in each of them. Register to talk to a professional from our panel to gain a bit of perspective at Click here. What do they think about the salary packages in the industry? About working conditions? Is the culture of the industry one that you can fit into and perhaps even spend the next 40 years of your life in? No one expects you to conclusively decide what the rest of your life will be like. But it would pay off immensely if you are able to get a tiny bit closer to which fields catch your interest, and which careers would help you spend a fulfilling life. You can use this as a guiding point for all your other endeavors in the short term, from subjects to choose, or university to attend or major to study.
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If you brush up your soft skills, you could reach great heights!

In many ways, much of the education provided by the traditional school system lacks any usefulness in the real world. The second you step into a job or enter university, you may realize that some of those exams you worked so hard for did not add a lot of value to your life. In many areas of life, what you need to succeed is an ability to think critically, to discuss ideas, to formulate your thoughts, and to communicate effectively. Even if you lag academically, these factors can take you a long way ahead. A lot of students start freelancing from college based on these skills and earning. Not sure what skills could add value to you in your career. Take our career compatibility test to see Click here

Where to begin on mastering these skills?



As you may have guessed, they are also not everybody’s cup of tea. Developing these ‘soft’ skills is a painstaking process in itself. The starting point for this is what can be termed the ‘growth’ mindset. This requires you to constantly be absorbing new ideas and there are so many ways you can do this. These include committing time to read daily, searching Youtube for debates on your areas of interest, and engaging in discussions with like-minded people. If you are able to make reading a religious part of your life, then it will pay huge dividends in the long run. Nobody stands out as somebody who can think outside the box, who can look at a problem from multiple angles and who brings a lot more knowledge to the table. This is what reading does to you!
Let this be a time of reorientation for yourself. It is completely okay to indulge in some PS4 or Netflix occasionally. But that should not stop you from realizing that this could be the most important period of your life in determining your future!