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FSc - The Right Way to Do It

FSc, a source of anxiety for a large proportion of the students of Pakistan. A terrifying experience that leaves most devastated,FSc. is still critical in deciding your future. It is part of the pivotal four years your Uncle keeps telling you about on Eid. You will be constantly reminded that FSc. will determine your future. And for the most part, this is true. Extra-curricular activities count too but they need the central pillar of good grades, otherwise, you will not be accepted in any university. When you gain a solid grade, it will allow you to choose the university of your choice and not the other way around.
This will seem like considerable pressure but this article will provide you with the sources, tips and methods to crack the code of an A1 grade in FSc.
FSc. is sadly, mostly memorization. All the questions you see in the exam are present in the book. This promotes rote learning, but this makes your job somewhat easier. If you clear your concepts, use the right techniques and remember some critical diagrams, you’re good to go.This applies to subjects like Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Do not forget to do the end of chapter questions. They are important! Some of them come in the exams virtually every time.
For linguistic subjects like Urdu and English, all you need to do is read the passages thoroughly and understand them so you can tackle the explanation questions in the exam. As for the grammar part, you will need to go through practice exercises provided by your teacher or through past papers.
Islamiat and Pakistan studies are pure memorization, nothing else. You will need to remember the headings for the questions along with Hadees and Ayat for Islamiat and dates for Pakistan Studies. For the important questions, have a go through the past papers for the respective subject. This applies to all subjects. Mathematics is the only subject which will require understanding and concept clarity. Without understanding the formulas and how to use them, you won’t go far. Practice the exercise questions and the examples in between topics. Check your answer from the back and repeat the process.

Tip: Add shairs to your Urdu tashreehs, Hadees and Ayat in your Islamiat questions, statistics and dates in Pakistan Studies to make your paper stand out from the crowd and get some extra marks.

Practice Past Papers

FSc. exams have remained largely the same for many years. You can use this to your advantage. Go online to and download their past papers. Since the pattern has remained the same, all you need to do is get 5-6 past papers under your belt. This will make you comfortable with the paper pattern and its a great way to revise what you’ve learned from the book. If you look closely, then you might see that the exams have overlapping questions as well. The questions get repeated! These questions are essential in your preparation. Prepare them thoroughly so that if they come in your exams, you can attempt them with no hassle. That is why doing the past papers is so important. It gives you the edge you need over everyone else.
If you want solutions, then get solved past papers from your nearest stationery shop. But be careful! The solution manuals for all the subjects have mistakes in them. Always double-check answers that seem weird to you. Check online or run your solution through your teacher.

Tip: Use a marker and pen combination to highlight shairs, dates, numbers and your answers to make your paper neat and tidy, it’ll make the examiner’s job easy which would, in turn, give you extra marks.

Exam Day Tips

  • Have an 8+ hour sleep before the exam. No all-nighters!
  • Eat a healthy breakfast! Partha Andda with milk and butter should give you the energy for three hours.
  • Do not study the day before the exam. Your brain needs to rest for the big race on exam day.
  • Prepare your stationery bag beforehand. Pack extra pens, markers and an extra calculator. You never know when you’ll need it.
  • Take a water bottle with you. Stay hydrated and take a 30- second break during the exam for resting.
  • Remember to keep your watch with you. Time will be in short supply.

Bonus Resources

  • Punjab College Lectures on Youtube: They’ve covered Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics topics present in the books. Go through them if you get stuck!
  • Khanacademy: It has a lot of topics that you will encounter in your science subjects. Watch the videos to clear concepts. Salman Khan explains everything in a crystal clear way for you to understand.
  • Grammarmonster: This website is great for those tricky grammar questions on your English exams.
  • FBISE Past Papers: Federal Board past papers for practice.

Conclusion: Read, Write, Revise

That’s all you have to do; read the books, write important things down and revise them. Repeat this process 2-3 times for the whole syllabus before the exam and you’re good to go. You can achieve this easily. Revise once before the Pre-Board exams and once before the exam. All you need to do is study a little bit every day and you’ll get across. It’s not that difficult. Once you get great marks Inshallah, you’ll go to a good university and have an experience of a lifetime. Good luck!