Quarantine Activities

13 exciting things students can do in quarantine during Corona Virus

As you remain quarantined at home due to the ongoing pandemic, you will not find a better opportunity to brush up on your skills or delve into that subejct you always had an interest for, but which was never offered at your school. Put your learning caps on!

If you’re Computer Geek here’s what you’ll enjoy!

Learn to program in Python- it’s high in demand!

Learn Python


Python is a highly demanded language with an almost infinite range of applications. Regardless of whether you are doing it for expanding your skill base or to assist in your desired career, you will surely find it very engaging. Not only can it be used for complex statistical analyses, but it can also be used to creating powerful programs! Here are a few courses you can do to learn this skill:
Intro to Python Programming: Click Here
Learn Python 2: Click Here

Learn how powerful machines are changing the world using Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning refers to the development of technology powered by artificial intelligence. Its power lies in its ability to learn from input taken over time and use its knowledge to imitate human decisions over time. No wonder it is revolutionizing applications in healthcare, finance, and education to name just a few. Check this course out for a comprehensive look into ML.
Machine Learning: Click Here

Love Gaming? Start making one at home!

Learn Gaming


If you have always been captivated by those engaging video games on your PS4, if you have wondered what it takes to create the perfect game, if you have dreamed to build your own game one day, take your first steps in game development with C# with this course:
Complete Game Development Course: Click Here

So what exactly is ‘big data’? Now’s the time to learn

Ever heard the fancy term “big data”? It’s more than just a term—it’s the future. Not only is it powering decisions in a huge variety of areas, but the collection and analysis of big data is revealing astonishing insights about the people and world around us. These are a few courses that you can take to find out how:
Data mining course: Click Here
Online data science courses: Click Here
Learn Tableau for Data Science: Click Here

Microsoft free online courses that could really help

This summer, you have the change to learn from experts from the most highly-valued company in the world. Courses being offered range across a wide variety of subjects, from cloud technology, to Azure security, to SQL to Java programming.
Microsoft courses on edX: Click Here

Free courses from Google that you’ll absolutely love

The most important part of becoming successful as an entrepreneur is to promote yourself online, and to effectively reach out to interested customers. As you can imagine, digital marketing and analytics becomes crucial for this objective. Google is offering a couple of online courses for people interested in this field.
Google free online courses: Click Here

Dive into the world of science

Explore the solar system right from your home!

Learn Data Science


Have you ever aspired to become an astronaut? Have you wondered about black holes and how fascinating they are? Have you ever thought about the millions of potential worlds that lie out there beyond ours? Here are a few courses you can study to feed your greatest curiosities:
Astrobiology and Space Exploration: Click Here
Cosmology basics: Click Here

Explore some psychology and learn about mental health

Do you feel strongly against mental health being a taboo in our society? Do you aspire to help the people around you acknowledge and tackle their mental health problems? Do you feel that mental health awareness is severely lacking in the environment around you? Check these courses out to learn more and help others learn more about mental health:
Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health: Click Here
Mindfulness in Daily Life: Click Here
The Science of Well-Being: Click Here

Dig into culture and history

Greeks & Romans had a very interesting life that you’d like to hear about

Greeks and Roman Life


Get a glimpse of ancient life from the comfort of your homes with this courses. Find out more about the society that some of the greatest intellectuals in history thrived in. find out about the events that have shaped human history as we know it here:
Intro to Ancient Greek History: Click Here
Greek and Roman Mythology: Click Here

Interested in history? Time for some time travel!

Ever wondered why our world is the way that it is today? Why ideologies and governments differ so radically across the world? What were the defining events that molded the world as we know it? Check out these courses to learn more:
Economic History of the Soviet Union: Click Here
European Civilization (1648-1945) Click Here
The French Revolution: Click Here
HIST 4332: Click Here

Have a flair for literature and poetry? Now’s the time to catch up

Have you always thought of studying the role of literature in culture? The role of literature in inciting revolutions? In producing highly impactful social change? Find out more about the dynamics of literature here:
Modern and Contemporary American Poetry: Click Here
Psychoanalysis Podcast Lectures: Click Here
Existentialism in Literature: Click Here
American Literature: Click Here

Now is the opportunity to attend summer school- right from your bedroom

Stanford Summer School? Dreams do come true!

Stanford Summer School


Ever wondered how it would be studying at one of the world’s finest institutions? Wonder no more, because Stanford is allowing you to make memories with friends around the world, to experience startup culture and explore a subject area that has always interested you. The program will be virtual but the learning would still be equally fulfilling:
Click Here

Battle the coronavirus right from your home!

World Health Organization online training to make you more aware

If you wish to learn more about the COVID-19 pandemic, if you believe that the best way to combat the panic is to develop and raise awareness, you are in luck. WHO has decided to share a couple of online trainings to educate users about the data collection, the history, and the prevention of the coronavirus.
WHO online training: Click Here
We hope that the material we have provided will include at least some thing that speaks to your interests and you will use it to enhance your learning this summer!