Stuck at home and want to earn? Here are 4 essential skills for your resume

Self-isolation is painful. Nobody likes staying in a room and staring at the walls all day long. TV shows and food may help, but after some point, the overwhelming feeling of unproductivity will likely hurt your mental health. Luckily, you will never get a better opportunity to earn some easy cash and fill your wallet. These are all the skills you can master—choose one that interests you and get the money pouring in.

1. Photoshop—free the artist in yourself

If you can match color schemes like Picasso, or have a stunning fashion sense, or love photography. Businesses will pay you for your aesthetic sense because that will help them brand themselves with customers. It is highly recommended to find a niche (eg shirt design) that you like and specialize in it.

Where can you use the skill of Graphic Designing

● Website themes

For many businesses, the first time their customers interact with them is through their website. To capture and retain their attention, the website needs to have a powerful theme that reels its customers in. As a website theme designer, you will mix color templates and design elements to create the perfect theme to reel those customers in.

● Tshirt designs

Clothing brands like Outfitters usually outsource their designs to brilliant youngsters like you. Companies also need tshirts and hoodies for distribution amongst customers and employees. If having your designs worn by thousands of people is not a matter of pride for you, we don’t know what is.

● Logo design

For startups and big companies alike, the logo is a key part of their branding process. Logos need to be designed by incorporating both the direct and subconscious messages they will give to consumers. Ever wondered why so many fast-food chains, like McDonalds and KFC have the color red in their logos?

● Document templates

The main purpose for this is formal documents that aim to provide information to their readers. Because they have so much information, they need to have attractive designs on their pages to help their readers retain attention, and that’s where you will come in.

● Art

Digital art is a thing of the future. From people looking for portraits of their selves and of others as gifts, to those looking for decorations, you will find clients willing to pay hefty sums of money if they trust your skill.

2. Content writing—let those words flow

Ask any avid reader about the power of words and they will share with you the many ways that their soul has been touched through words. Businesses know the importance of this skill, so there is never a lack of demand for people who can create magic with their words. Because this skill is relatively easy, you will face competition in the beginning but with enough dedication, you will differentiate yourself.

What you can do once you start writing

● Blogging

Businesses that earn money through advertising need clicks on their website, and to attract these views, they need good content. Most of them decide to target a niche on a certain topic eg fitness or sports. If you have a topic you are very knowledgeable about, you will easily find someone paying top dollar for your service.

● Resume writing

Students and professionals everywhere grind hard to secure their dream jobs. However, when an employer is choosing who to hire, the only tool they have is candidates’ resumes. Research has proven that they spend 7 seconds looking at each resume and when there are thousands of applicants for a single job, each of them will happily pay you to ensure their resume stands out

● Speech writing

Every day, there is somebody out there who has no idea what to say in their award acceptance speech, their upcoming debate, or their motivational talk. If you have a way with words, those people will readily pay you in exchange for words that are powerful, inspiring and influential.

● Research

From university assignments to research papers, students and professionals inevitably require a heavy amount of research to produce the best results. If you can sift tons of websites to look for the relevant information, if you know how to present and organize it, you are all set to excel in this field.

3. Video editing—stop watching movies, and instead, make some

Around the world, thousands of businesses, content creators and NGOs use videos as a form of promotion to engage with, inform and attract their customer base. If achieving the right mix of music, transitions and visual effects interests you, then this is the ideal skill for you.

How you can earn from video editing

● Music videos

Rising stars on the Pakistani music scene mostly have the sickest verses and are filled with nothing but sheer talent. But music videos are a key element of their strategy to reach the maximum listeners. As a video editor that they trust, you will be responsible for making and editing spectacular videos based on the music that is given to you.

● Vlogs

The next Eva Zubeck or Mooroo may go on the best adventures of the world or have the best storytelling talent, but they can’t get the millions of views they do if their videos are not booming with exciting music and their shots presented in a captivating way. For this, every up and coming youtube star will want to pay or hire you as their video editor!

● Promotional material

NGOs like Edhi Welfare Organization would not have been able to gather the donations or sales that they did if their ads did not motivate the audience to change the world with their donations by speaking to them on a personal level. Brands like Red Bull wouldn’t be so successful if their ads did not fill their audience with the adrenaline rush that they do.

4. Microsoft Office—feed the professional in yourself

If you are a university student, you are likely to be familiar with the wide range of skills that an MS Office package provides. In the business world, not many know how to harness the power of this software, and that is why they will need you to pitch that product, communicate that professional standard or present that groundbreaking idea that helps them get a promotion.

Where your skills with Microsoft Office will land you

● Financial consulting

Startups like Airlift and PriceOye need money to grow and expand. But to convince investors to give them these funds, they have to show them financial models that give a positive outlook of the startup’s future. If you love startups and numbers, you have to consider this subcategory.

● Data analysis

Guess what big companies like Google and Amazon consider their biggest asset to be? Data! In the age of big data and technology, tools like Excel can be used incredibly to generate valuable insights from the data available to a business. From what-if analyses to monte carlo simulations, a knack for numbers will take you a long way in this field.

● Presentations

From business meetings to product information sessions, there are numerous executives out there who place a high value on creating powerful presentations that convey information and grip the listener’s attention by achieving the right use of animations, transitions and graphics.

Mastered these skills? Here’s how you can start earning money!

1. Learn the skills that you are most interested in, either from Youtube or a number of paid platforms like Skillshare. The more hours you put in, the better you will get at it. The better you get at it, the more money you will earn from customers seeking better quality work.
2. Market your skill; you can do this by joining various Facebook groups, like Pakistan Freelancers, or using platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

3. Once you get some customers, build a decent portfolio and keep them happy, and they will do your marketing themselves by word of mouth.
What are you waiting for? Start watching that youtube tutorial, make that Fiverr account and polish that skill so you can finally cash in on this opportunity of a lifetime.