RecruitmentBot promises you the best recruitment experience, allowing employers full control over the hiring process


Your top candidate is only a click away thanks to our intelligent ranking system


Our state of the art filtering system allows employers to find their top matches on their own terms, based on their individual job requirements.RecruitmentBot has dozens of different filters that are tailored to your needs so you can shortlist compatible candidates in just a single click.

Find the top matches effortlessly through our candidate summary system

RecruitmentBot gives you a summary of all the candidates ranked on their compatibility with the chosen data.

No more CV screenings, find all your candidates information with just a few clicks

There are so many aspects to consider if you want to make the perfect hire, which is why RecruitmentBot lets you pull out individual candidate records so you can view everything there is to.


Get the fastest and best matches ranked by compatibility

Tired of the slow and time-consuming screening process? RecruitmentBot is designed to make the hiring process easier and more efficient for youbased instant ranking of candidates for shortlisting, in line with your requirements.


Spend more face time with only the best candidates

Wasting too much time interviewing candidates you know aren’t the right fit for the job? Our top-notch, state of the art screening process ensures only the top candidates make their way to you, so you can invest your time on only the right candidates. 


Assess your candidates through casual and natural conversations

Our advanced AI solution ensures that every candidate gets a natural and purely human conversational experience. Candidates will feel at home answering all questions, identifying the right candidates.


Remove unconscious bias in your hiring process

RecruitmentBot guarantees a recruitment process in which you hire candidates based solely on their compatibility for the job. Our incredibly advanced AI and rule-based modelling minimizes chance of error or bias.

Offer your candidates a positive recruitment experience

An efficient screening process is the best way to attract a great candidate. Through customization our professional and effective assessment becomes an extension of your brand personality. RecruitmentBot gives your potential employees, the motivation they need to thrive.


Go above and beyond to make your hires diverse and inclusive

RecruitmentBot’s diversity and inclusivity features help you broaden your scope for diversity while reducing bias to a minimum. 




Statistics About Recruitment

Companies lacking a consistent pre-employment selection process are 5 times more likely to make a bad hire.

74 percent of companies who made a poor hire lost an average of $14,900 per poor hire.

46% of all new hires are deemed as a failures by the 18-month mark.