Find out which candidates are compatible for the job opening

Designed by career advisors and industry professionals, our recruitment bot interactively assesses the disposition of a candidate towards the career field they aim to pursue. This is done by asking the candidate a series of questions relating to the career field and determining a career compatibility score. This score determines how well the candidates are suited towards a career- a perfect indicator for recruiters to shortlist who to interview during the recruitment process. Better yet, you can further assess certain capabilities of the shortlisted candidates through specific questions based on our data analytics.

Get access to data analytics of your candidate pool, filter out the ones who are a better match for the job and speed up your recruitment process.

Statistics About Recruitment

Companies lacking a consistent pre-employment selection process are 5 times more likely to make a bad hire.
74 percent of companies who made a poor hire lost an average of $14,900 per poor hire.
46% of all new hires are deemed failures by the 18-month mark