Children Learning in Covid

Enhancing your child's learning in a post-COVID world

With the closure of schools, all around the world, students everywhere are facing a transformation in how they experience schooling. But as COVID-19 causes us to rethink our work, our entertainment, and almost all our other activities, why should our children's learning remain the same? Read on to find out how you can upgrade your child’s learning in a digital world.

Make your child future proof with computer programming

As our world increasingly becomes computerized, it's a good idea to think about how to ensure a place for your kids in tomorrow’s workplace. Coding is an essential skill that is key for ids to be equipped with the right tools for creating solutions to the problems that surround us.



Codakid is an online programming academy that offers lessons in a variety of programming languages and digital applications, from Roblox game development, to web development, to gamified Python coding. It adopts a mode of delivery that is very interactive and suitable for kids of all ages, and takes out the boredom that is conventionally associated with coding. Although it requires a paid subscription, it is possible to take a trial subscription to see if it's suitable for your child. Learn more by visiting :Click Here.


CodeAcademy is a futuristic educational platform centered on teaching widely varied languages like Python, CMD Line, Python and SQL to learners to make them ready for the jobs of the future. It even features career paths to land desired job roles like data scientist, web developer etc. Learners are also provided extensive feedback on their performance so they can systematically improve their skill. Although for a slightly mature student audience, its free trial can be availed to understand if it works for you. Do check it out CodeAcademy

Code with Google

With the aim to help students unlock opportunities beyond the classroom, Code with Google is a free resource that provides lessons in a variety of coding applications, like Android Development, JavaScript and computer science. From pre-teens to high school students, it offers tailed programs for each age group that are enhanced with interactive features to make the learning experience fun. Learn more at Code With Google

Nurture the builders of tomorrow with STEM programs

Nurture the builders of tomorrow with STEM programs

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) jobs are projected to grow at a 13% rate between 2017 and 2027, as opposed to just 9% for non -STEM fields (Education Commission of the States). From Elon Musk’s mission to take man to Mars, to the race for a COVID-19 vaccine, some of the most visionary developments in the world are being driven by STEM subjects.

iRobot Education

iRobot Education

With automation as a hallmark of the future, iRobot is leveraging both online and offline robots to offer customized learning experiences to audiences with all levels of technical backgrounds. With both free and paid programs, it is an excellent resource for enthusiastic students to brush up on their skills with robots. You can learn more about it here: iRobot


With courses designed by experts in leading companies and universities around the world, Brilliant brings a new touch to learning maths and science through prioritizing curiosity, failing freely, and actively learning. In its varied portfolio of subjects from Applied Science to Quantum Mechanics to Computer Science, the platform develops concepts through advanced problem solving techniques.although requiring a paid subscription, it offers a unique alternative to the bland traditional textbooks.

Khan Academy

As one of the pioneers in the online education space, Khan Academy offers a uniquely broad offering of courses suited for students of all groups and all subject fields. From personalized learning journeys to learning bades to cater to the more ambitious students, the platform has made it easy to learn about anything from the comfort of your home. The best part is that it’s absolutely free. Khan Academy

Let your child feed their flames of curiosity

iRobot Education allows students to engage in experiential learning to fulfil their curiosity while also learning useful life skills, from photography to building machines to cooking. Learners are made to engage in projects using physical, real world materials and also get to show off their creations by sharing to a community of passionate peer learners. Although it is paid, you can avail the free trial to see if it fits your needs. Diy


Coursera is one of the world’s leading online education providers with its vast array of multidisciplinary courses. Although more suitable for high schoolers and mature learners, it still offers a profound way of learning both practical and theoretical/conceptual subjects. Additionally it also offers certificates for learners to showcase their knowledge. Although it charges for every course taken up, it also has handsome financial aid options for need-based cases. Coursera


Duolingo is a leading language learning platform that personalizes journeys to every learner’s needs through bite-sized lessons based on science. Whether your child aims to become a 21st century Shakespeare or dreams of higher studies in Germany, the platform helps them fulfill their goals and realize their potential.Although it offers an ad-free version for a monthly subscription, you can enjoy all this for free in an ad-enabled version of the app. Learn more at Duolingo

Reading IQ

The average CEO is said to read 52 books per year. Reading IQ allows kids of ages 2 to 12 to avail thousands of digital books right on their fingertips. With recommendations tailored to every child, this is an ingenious way to instill a passion for reading into your children and prepare them to be the CEOs of the future’s Fortune 500 companies. You can avail their free trial before deciding to invest your money into a proper subscription. Check it out : Reading IQ

Take your child to new heights

  Take your child to new heights

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With so much uncertainty around us, it is important to find activities that ground us and help us gain that feeling of achievement that fulfills us. Learning is one passion that does not have to come to a halt as the whole world, and can also help our kids retain a sense of security and purpose while also preparing for the future that awaits us.