Parental Control

Role of Parents in Career Counselling

Nowadays, technology is accelerating the growth and interconnectivity of the world. The growing population is increasing diversity and competition. With this tremendous growth comes the growth in the variety of fields a person can choose from traditional to non-traditional, from careers that require creativity to those which require problem-solving skills. One gets confused with such variety. This is where the role of parents becomes essential. They need to play the guiding role for their children in choosing their careers. In this article, we will be covering how parents can play this role. The steps that you need to take are in chronological order below, from the age they start reading books to the age they join a university.

Build a wide foundation

It is important now more than ever to build a strong educational foundation for your child. How the child turns out to be is hugely affected by the parents’ attitudes and habits. How can you set up your child to explore as many things as he/she wants? Read books with them at night, watch children’s movies with them, talk to them about what interests them, read the Sunday newspaper with them, help them observe the world and play sports with them. This will not only help them explore the world but also instill them with the creativity and critical thinking they will need to decide a career and be successful in it. All of these activities will expose them to characters they’d like to be. Upon reading The Little Prince and watching great TV channels like Animal Planet, they might want to travel and see the world. This is part of the lifestyle of many careers in the world today. And this is only one example.

Nurturing their interests

Right from a young age, you will observe what your child spends the most time with. Be it reading, drawing or writing. This is where the role of the parent becomes pivotal. The parent must support what the child is interested in. Let’s take drawing for an example. When you see that the child is consistently drawing sketches, coloring them and showing them to you, it means that the child wants to show you what he/she likes. You must take the next step. Put up their drawings up on the fridge; encourage to draw even more and give the child the drawing material he/she needs to take their ability to the next level. Enroll your child in a drawing course. This will develop their interest exponentially. Remember to never tell them that the career they are choosing is a bad one or lacks scope. This will certainly kill the interests of the child and lead to more confusion. Nurture this interest and it will clear their future career path for sure.

Clearing the confusion

Students are made to choose their career paths from an early age. After 12th grade they need to choose which field they want to move towards; medicine, engineering, software programming and various others. To clear the fuzziness around this decision the parents must help their children talk to relevant people in the workforce. If your child is interested in computers and software, then you should introduce them to a software engineer. This engineer will be the most qualified to answer all the questions the child has. Taking a well-informed decision is important for success in any career. Parents must do this step effectively, help the child meet at least 2-3 professionals of their field of choice.

Supporting them in their decisions

Your child is about to join the university of his/her’s choice, studying what he/she likes. Are you done with your job? Not quite. There is one last step. There will be days when your child will doubt themselves and ponder whether or not they have made the right decision or not. You as a parent must help them see clearly. You need to support their decision to do what they like. Negate any sort of family pressures they may succumb to and ensure them not to follow what their peers are doing. Make sure they know that you have their backs whatever decision your children make and that hard work is necessary for success in any field. If you do this, your child will surely choose a fulfilling career.