Your Guide To Networking

Networking is both a skill and an art. One that is absolutely vital in this day and age. Networking for advancing your career is all about developing and maintaining good relationships. Here are some tips and tricks that might help make this process a tad bit easier.


  • Networking will help you make useful contacts.
  • Deliver what you commit to. Don’t let your contacts down.
  • In all your networking efforts, do whatever you would expect others to do for you.
  • There is no shame in asking for help if you need to. It is a sign of Self-confidence.
  • Always try to give back.
  • Be thankful for all that your contacts have done for you and try to express your thanks in some way or another.
  • Never feel entitled to any benefits that you may get from networking. Think of them as gifts
  • Steer clear of people who network solely for their own benefit. Networking is a two way process.
  • Don’t think of networking as a favor based game. Just because you did something for someone doesn’t mean you start keeping a score.
  • Be willing to learn from others and assist them in learning from you.
  • “No man is an island” so think of networking as a means to help achieve your goals.
  • All for one and one for all is what kept the musketeers maintain a spirited relation. So keep in touch with good, like minded people.


If you want to read up on things like what questions to ask, topics to talk about etc. here are a few books you can refer to:
  • Information Interviewing: What It Is and How to Use It in Your Career by Martha Stoodley
  • Job Notes: Networking by Meg Heenehan
  • Networking for Everyone! By L. Michelle Tullier