O levels or Matric?

Answer these questions and we'll help you decide!

Which language do you prefer as the medium of instruction when studying?

Can you afford the very high cost of appearing the O Level exams?

Which style of testing to do you prefer?

Will you apply within Pakistan for higher education?

Do you have any preference for studying in an education system that is recognized globally?

Would you want to have the option of appearing in exams twice in a year? (You can appear for O level exams in May/June and Oct/Nov)

Is it important for you to study a syllabus that is completely inline with the needs of modern times?

O levels or Matric?

The dilemma of which stream to opt for after 8th grade is real for parents and students alike. We've designed a set of questions above that will help you determine what suits you more with a percentage of your suitability towards a particular stream. If you're still interested in reading about the key differences, you may refer to the table below.

What makes Matric different from O levels?

FactorMatricO levels
SyllabusMore or less constant over a large period of time Basics are the same but evolves with the need of modern times
Examination StyleLargely based on retention power and memory and questions are repeatedFocused towards clear basic concepts
Appearing in Exams Once a year in April (Seperate Exams for improvement) Choice of appearing in May/June or Oct/Nov Session
Medium of instruction & Examination English or UrduEnglish only
FinancesGenerally affordableVery expensive. The cost of appearing for the exams alone is very high
RecognitionLocal system so not well recognized internationallyKnown all over the world so no difficulty in being recognized internationally
All in all, they both have their pros and cons so one must weigh them carefully before making a final decision.