Should I take extra subjects in O/A levels?

Students and their parents are often indecisive about whether they should opt for any extra subjects in their O or A levels. We’ve listed some aspects that will help you decide.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Is it important for you to score let’s say 15 A*s to shine in front of others?

Some students really like to stand out and wish to over achieve so they can stand out in front of their peers.
  • If it really matters and you are passionate enough, go for the extra subject to satisfy your desire.
  • If not, we suggest you lay low and work on doing well in the compulsory subjects.No extra pressure

Are you going to pursue your higher education in Pakistan?

  • If yes, duly note that only the grades in the compulsory subjects are taken into account when grades are being converted to marks by the IBCC. No edge or credit is given to students for their extra subjects.
  • If not, there are universities abroad that appreciate diversity in terms of subject combinations so a subject combination with a variety may work in your favor.

Are you sure about the career stream you will pursue?

  • If yes, then taking extra subjects does not really make sense. Focus on the core subjects and do well on those.
  • If not, then you may consider getting some exposure into a variety of subjects such as a student taking pre medical sciences may opt for business studies as an extra subject. However, this is not always the best idea because there are other ways to gain exposure. You may use this free aptitude assessment tool to help you decide.

Are you taking an extra subject in O levels so that it helps you in A levels?

A lot of students take Add Maths or Statistics in O levels believing it will make things easier for them when they go into O levels. It will definitely make things easier in the long run and tougher now but does it make sense to go through the extra effort prematurely when you can do it like the other students when the time comes? If you want to be ahead of others go for it but remember do not let it affect your performance in the other O level subjects.
Preparing for an extra subject is still a burden so be sure if you’re really willing to carry it.