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Do you need a degree to land a good job in today's world?

The conventional university degree is becoming increasingly disputed among diverse circles as a thing of the past. Read on to delve deeper into the details surrounding the controversy and find out if you are one of the lucky few who can make it work without a degree!
A degree essentially is a signal that tells the employers that you have studied at a particular institution. It is supposed to provide trust that you possess certain skills or knowledge that you need to perform a certain job. However, now that we have defined it, it may be easy to see why it would not be needed in some cases to provide proof of skills or knowledge.

Fields where a degree is a must

If you are an aspiring economist, historian, anthropologist or any of the other occupations in the social sciences, your job will almost certainly require you to have completed a degree. In the natural sciences, it is obvious why a degree resulting from a rigorous process of teaching is necessary. If your dream job is to save lives as a doctor or rule the skies as a pilot, then the stakes are so high that you can’t get the responsibility without proof that you have the expertise.

Fields where a degree is not necessary

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Technology is one area where you can accumulate skills without going to college—and the possibilities are endless. Freelancing is a great way to learn over time, make loads of cash, get bigger clients, and build a portfolio good enough to get yourself a job. Even in business careers, if you start with a job that is not good, but are able to prove your competence, then it is really easy to get promoted to a desirable job.

Benefits of a degree

The fact is that a degree gives you more than just knowledge or skills. It teaches you communication, puts you in a leadership position, helps you pursue your talents and develops you overall as an individual. It gives you access to networking with successful people, who have a lot of valuable lessons to impart to you.

Companies jump ship

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Many companies have now announced that their applicants don’t need to have a degree to get an offer. From tech giants like Apple and Google to accounting firms like Ernst and Young, many firms are shunning the degree requirement. That makes you wonder, how long is it before Pakistani firms follow suit? And why would they ever drop this crucial requirement?

What matters more

What every company wants instead is a good teamworker, a good communicator and an adaptive individual. A college experience gives you the opportunity to gain these skills, but if you can prove that you have gained them on your own through internships or social work, then you are good to go.

The alternative

If you choose the path of courage, the path less traveled, there are still some obstacles. The time and will power that you have to devote to get the same level of skill as an equivalent college student will be grueling. The path to a good job will be one of patience, as nowhere have we promised that your first job will be a good one, but that with consistency, you will get your dream job.
We hope that you are now better equipped to decide if you can shine like the star we believe you are without a degree. Never forget to carefully weigh all your options against each other and then take the next step with firm confidence.