Being a teacher
Yes, I’m a teacher. I teach mathematics to college students. Yes, a lot of them don’t really like me but it’s an occupational hazard. But no, I’m not boring. Not at all. I live my life to the fullest-believe it or not! I have friends and I socialize with them. I go to the movies and, play squash every evening. I cook when I have nothing else to do. I love travelling and twice every year I explore new places. I love to read books too; yes, other than algebra and calculus.
But more importantly, I don’t just teach. I inspire my students. I motivate them when they lose hope. I give them a sense of purpose when they need help. I direct them. I shape their minds and their realities. I am a character builder. I shape lives. Every day I’m given a chance to do all of this; inspire, motivate, change and, give them a chance to be a better version of themselves. I enjoy the opportunity to learn from my students through our interaction and relish how what I teach them lives through them through the course of their lives. After all, no other profession allows an individual to manage and mould the world's most priceless resource-children. Yes! I’m a teacher and I’m proud to be one.
As Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said, “A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.”