Sports Career

Is a Career in Sports a Good Idea?

It is every kid’s dream before they take the poison pill that is societal expectations. Growing up watching Afridi with his match-saving knocks, every kid at one time will have envisioned himself as the Afridi of his own world, jiving childishly to his mini-championship performances in the gully. But dare you think of pursuing cricket as a career and you have found us knocking on your door to remind you of the pros and cons of doing so.


You will be doing what you love, and if you are lucky enough, the intensity of this pro will be enough to compensate you for all the cons you may have to endure. You will make lots of money if you make it to the big leagues. From fixed payments for being part of the team to bonuses for superior match performance, your talent will definitely pay off in your favor. Add to this all the wealth that you will amass through paid sponsorships and social media influence, and you have a formula for success.
For people with broader aspirations, the power to use your platform to generate change in society would be worth more than anything. Even if you think about our beloved payback period, you have struck gold because such a career doesn’t require you to have been educated from the Ivies or anything. You will enjoy humungous benefits; if you are a travel enthusiast, you will visit the world over; if you love fashion, all those photoshoots will help you amass an amazing wardrobe.


The central con is the sheer amount of work that you will have to develop your skill. Day in and day out, you will need to pay the rent of hard work and perseverance to get the recognition that you will ultimately deserve. Expect to put a good amount of time in accumulating the playing skill and fitness essential to excel as a cricketer. Combined with the risk of not investing yourself in a conventional career and the security it entails, you might be in for a huge leap of faith, the effect of which will only be compounded by the resistance you get from your family.
You will face tons of challenges on your journey to stardom. The simple fact that the field is something that is a favorite pastime for many and financial investment for excelling is only minimal has led to access to a vast majority of aspiring cricketers across the country. This has led to a rise in competition for basically just a limited number of places and almost undoubtedly leads to politics in the sports environment. To an extent, not everyone enjoys the same access to opportunities for progression in terms of private coaching and influential networks. Chances are that even if you do get your start, you will likely start off small, perhaps in a school cricket team or in local tournaments. Consistent practice and performances will also be crucial in pushing you to newer heights.

Everything else aside, rest assured that the journey to greatness will not be easy for you. Grueling dedication and adamant persistence will be required to achieve what few ever do. Who knows, you might even write a bestseller autobiography at some point, or become the subject of a blockbuster movie, or even be the Prime Minister one day!