Unemployment Rate

Entrepreneurship- Changing the World

Entrepreneurship and changing the world

Being an entrepreneur is looked down on in many developing countries as something that brings uncertainty and instability. But the very people criticizing the entrepreneurial pursuit also enjoy a lifestyle and conveniences that would have been impossible without the daring steps taken by thousands throughout history. Read on to find out why entrepreneurship is just as noble as any other career.

Job creation

In Pakistan the unemployment rate is a gigantic 6%—with the current population growth, it’s only going to get worse. The first way that startups like Airlift and Cheetay are transforming society is by creating jobs. In India, startups created 60000 direct jobs in 2019 alone. Note the word direct. That implies the existence of indirect jobs; that means jobs in industries that support these startups eg system maintenance services for tech startups. The noblest of a startup’s impact is in the sense of self-dignity they provide to thousands of job seekers and sustenance to their families.

Making your life easier

The very phone that you are using to read this article is proof that entrepreneurship has revolutionized the way you live your life. Firstly the convenience of swiping conveniently on a touch screen was revolutionized by Steve Jobs when he launched the iPhone in 2007—imagine having to press precise keys on your phone to get the desired text output. Entrepreneurship is the pedal that drives innovation and if it wasn’t for innovation, frankly, you would be living a lot less longer, less cleaner and less happier. If you’re a student, then say goodbye to all the free time you have as a result of not going to the library and getting all your info at the tap of your fingers.

Social change

Perhaps most importantly, entrepreneurial ventures around the world are causing a revolution in society. The work done by NGOs as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility programmes of for-profit companies has gone a long way in improving living conditions. Rizq has served 4000000+ meals to the needy and Akhuwat has financed more than 1 billion worth of loans. Even from the point of view of a sustainable business organization, entrepreneurship has a tremendous impact. Companies like Airlift and Careem have revolutionized the way that women get access to safe secure transport, which is a big win for gender equality and self respected citizens.
If you still think that entrepreneurship as a career is a fad, well, you will surely be in for a surprise when your grandchildren will escape to Mars in a SpaceX or Blue Origin spaceship, if the Earth’s climate goes haywire.