Careers for those with strong communication skills

Communication includes both reading and writing. It is important to develop good communication skills irrespective of the career you opt for.However, there are certain careers where individuals can leverage their strong communication skills. Here are some of our top picks.

Career Options


Lawyers need to be well versed in speaking as well as writing. Drafting documents, presenting evidence at court and talking to witnesses are some of the task they need to undertake.


To impart education, it is important not only know to have a grip over the relevant material but to impart it in an effective manner as well. A teacher must be able to address their students clearly to develop a conducive learning environment.


Working in media brings an individual to the forefront. Job descriptions and the exact type of communication skills required for it can vary. If you’re working for the radio or television as a presenter, you need to have good speaking and presentation skills. If you’re a script writer or work for print media, needless to say you must have a flair for writing.

Politics/ Government

This requires meeting people who hold different offices on a daily basis. A lot of paperwork is involved in terms of preparing reports, making proposals and drafting plans. Depending on the portfolio, there may be a need to address a large audience or media.

Business Management

Managers are the face of a company. They negotiate with the clients, finalize the client requirements, present proposals etc. They coordinate with their teams to monitor their progress and ensure that they deliver to the clients on time. Without good communication skills, a manager can not hope to succeed.
Sound exciting? Not sure which of these could be good for you? Here’s an aptitude test to see which of these could be a good fit for you!