Love biology but don't want to do medicine? Here are some alternate career options

If you love studying about living beings, what they are made of and how they work, then you have a lot of careers to choose from. Whoever told you that becoming a doctor was your only choice is mistaken. Read on to find out how you can make the world and your life better by studying biology!

Biological research—find a vaccine for the coronavirus!

Research in biology can be either basic or applied. Basic research involves answering general questions about how organisms function, and applied research involves solving specific problems, like developing vaccines for diseases that make the whole world go into a lockdown (see what we did there). Some research fields are:

● Bioinformatics


This field is at the crossroads of technology, statistics, and biology. If you land in the pharmaceutical sector, you will likely find yourself being paid hefty sums by companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer. Being a data scientist too, you will generate insights for people who will make important decisions based on this, and the stakes are likely to be in the billions!

● Biotechnology

You will extensively study living beings to develop product solutions that promise to change the world. As a biotechnologist, you may choose to research crops to develop cost-effective agriculture that helps millions of farmers earn a better living. Or you may look into biofuel as a renewable energy source to make the world more sustainable for future generations. Or you may work to develop a more affordable coronavirus test to enable disease detection or even a revolutionary vaccine that helps us end the current lockdown!

● Genomics



Genomics involves the study of DNA to determine the transfer of diseases that are inherited from parents to children. Its impact also extends to diagnosing potentially life-threatening diseases early on. Sometimes, undergoing certain procedures can also help the patient to reduce the risk of being afflicted by future disease.

Forensic science—help Sherlock Holmes solve that mystery!


Imagine. The setting is a high profile court case. Lawyers on both sides have fought with all they had and the judge can’t seem to reach a verdict. Then you are called in to give the testimony that fully tilts the balance and allows the guilty to be punished. Sounds like its straight out a movie? As a forensic scientist, you will be studying blood samples, fingerprints and skin cells to help the truth be discovered. From the crime scene to the laboratory, you will be involved with studying evidence to allow justice to be delivered.

Wildlife—cuddle cute animals for a living!

Wild Life


Whether it be exploring the depths of the ocean to collect samples as an aquatic biologist, or trekking the safari to rescue trapped animals as a wildlife manager, you can truly live your passion as an animal lover with a biology degree. The variety of jobs you can get that involve dealing with animals include the following:

● Marine biologist

Interested in saving sea turtles? Marine biologists study the lives of creatures living under the sea, their physiological behaviors and sometimes the interactions of human beings with aquatic organisms. From dolphins to polar bears to seals, you will get to research the heirarchies and the evolutionary structures in the underlying the populations of these creatures.

● Habitat biologist


As a habitat biologist, you will have the noble responsibility of giving a home to those who cant speak for their rights—animals. Recent deforestation and natural disasters like wildfires have robbed adorable creatures like kangaroos of shelter. You will get to ensure that their natural requirements are being fulfilled in the environment they live in, from nutrition to plantation to infrastructure.

● Zoologist

Zoology is the study of animals, their behaviors, interactions and characteristics. Even within zoology, you specialize in the kind of animal that you choose to study. You can choose to be out there, going on expeditions and collecting data, or you could be in the lab, studying and analyzing the data.

Physiotherapy—Pakistan’s will win the next World Cup because of you!


Physical therapists are responsible for the physical wellbeing of their patients. This can be sportspersons representing Pakistan on an international platform, Fawad Khan on his next film, or just everyday people who are concerned about their health. Fitness is trending nowadays and this is your opportunity to cash in on this. You will design fitness routines, diet plans and rehabilitation programs for these individuals. This career is more suited to students who are fitness enthusiasts and are good at dealing with people. Besides, if you become a physiotherapist, its not long before you get a 6-pack yourself!

Botany—connect with nature!


If you are a plant lover, and the characteristics, behaviors and designs of plants excite you, you are in luck. If find it interesting that the number of petals on a flower are most often a Fibonacci number, then you might want to consider botany as a career. Plants occur in nature in great variety, from the fly-eating venus trap to the love icon that the rose is. As a botanist, you will find yourself in one of a number of roles, studying plants in unique locations and of different species. Plants are also cleansers of the earth’s air quality and recent times have seen a rise in deforestation. Take great pride in knowing that you are contributing to the development of a creature that makes the Earth a more sustainable place for our future generations.
We hope that you are now confident to pursue that biology degree you were thinking about. Go save a kangaroo, study a tree or solve a murder!