LUMS Admission
Many students in Pakistan are starting their preparation for applying to the top universities of Pakistan including Lahore University of Management Sciences or LUMS for short. LUMS also has some outstanding programs in the field of engineering, social sciences and law. And because of its high graduate employability, super-qualified faculty and high research output, LUMS has been ranked 95th in Asia for 2020 by QS World University Rankings.
LUMS recently opened for admissions for the batch of 2020. That’s why we at My Career Dreams thought we should write an article on a few tips for securing admission into LUMS. We’ll break the recommendations into the components of the application.
Ace your High School and Entrance Tests
The grades will be the first metric of filtering the students that will be shortlisted for admission into LUMS. You can find your minimum grade requirements for Matriculation/FSc. and O/A-Levels > here. (The page will lead to the BSc. Management Sciences page but the grade requirements are the same for all the degrees) Getting good grades will also help you stand out in front of your high school teachers. This will come in handy when you have to get recommendations from the teachers as part of the application for LUMS.
You need to get 85% or above in both Matric and 1st year of FSc. to be in the safe zone. Upon receiving your conditional offer, you only need to get a minimum of 70% in your 2nd year of FSc. Similarly, you need to get at least 6 As combined with a couple of Bs in your O-Levels to be in the safe zone. Upon receiving your conditional offer you will need to get at least 2 Bs and a C to get in. This is because LUMS will accept or reject your offer based on your Matric + 1st year FSc. score or O-Levels grades. Your grades of 2nd year FSc. and A-Levels will come out after you get in and by then you only need to get the minimum requirement.
The other integral component of your application is your SAT. The SAT is an examination taken by millions of students around the world. It is the benchmark for accessing if you are ready to go to university. The score you get on your SAT will make or break your application. You can register for it > here.
Generally, a score of 1300+/1600 on the SAT guarantees you will get into the school you desire. This is true provided you have a balanced application in terms of extracurricular activities. This score may depend on the program you are applying for as well. The question is, how do you prepare for the SAT? Your go-to resource is > Khan Academy . They have tons of practice questions combined with tutorial videos, broken down topic-wise. They also have eight practice exams. You should go through them if you want to score high. Time yourself, look at your mistakes, follow a timetable and your score will go up. For more details check out our article on this topic in the related section at the end of this article.
Differentiate yourself with Extracurricular Activities
The NUST Entrance exams is conducted thrice a year. A lot of students tend to apply for NET 3 alone because they don’t feel like they are prepared well enough to apply in advance. There are 2 points that oppose that:
- Internships: Work at small organizations, startups or wherever you can to build skills like writing and design.
- Volunteer Work: Participate in social welfare projects with organizations like World Wildlife Fund, The Citizens Foundation and SOS schools.
- Online Courses: Complete courses on subjects of your interest in online platforms like Coursera and EdX.
- Competitions: Partake in sports competitions, Model United Nations, writing/debating competitions and be part of any clubs or societies at your high school.
Write the Personal Statement like A Story
A component of the application that is mandatory is the personal statement. In this statement, you will be explaining why you want to be a part of LUMS. It is fundamentally a method to convince the university why you are a star-studded student and that you will be an asset for LUMS, carrying their name to places that matter. The contents of the personal statement should include your academic accomplishments with a combination of your extra-curricular activities.
In my personal statement, I started from a quote of Lawrence of Arabia and connected it to be a source of inspiration for me. I then connected it to my journey of trying to step outside of my comfort zone. I mentioned my internships, my volunteer work, my projects and all other extra-curricular activities that I did while studying. In the last portion, I mentioned how LUMS was the next step for my growth and the next milestone in my life. I also added a couple of images of my volunteer work and internships which made the statement more visually pleasing.
In conclusion, the personal statement should be told like a story with a heart, while also being a summary of all the major achievements that you have under your belt. For more details, you can look into the article on writing a UCAS Personal statement below.
Merit list for candidates applying on the basis of SAT for national seats is prepared separately. There are a few exceptions to those who can apply on basis of SAT, Do check those with the admissions office