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Complete Guide to getting Admission into UET in 2020

The University of Engineering and Technology (UET) is one of the oldest institutions in Pakistan. It is also a leader in engineering education with respectable rankings both in Pakistan and outside it. Read on to find out how the admission process works!
Quick Links:

UET Campuses

  • ● UET Lahore
  • ● UET Kala Shah Kaku (KSK) Campus
  • ● UET Narowal
  • ● UET Rachna College of Engineering and Technology Gujranwala
  • ● UET Faisalabad Campus

UET Undergraduate Programs offered

Amongst all the campuses mentioned, the variety of programs offered differs. Please find below a list of programs offered by each campus:

Undergraduate Degrees offered by UET Lahore

  • • Architectural Engineering
  • • Automotive Engineering
  • • Chemical Engineering
  • • Civil Engineering
  • • City and Regional Planning
  • • Computer Engineering
  • • Computer Science
  • • Electrical Engineering
  • • Environmental Engineering
  • • Geological Engineering
  • • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • • Mechanical Engineering
  • • Mechatronics and Control Engineering
  • • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • • Mining Engineering
  • • Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  • • Polymer Engineering
  • • Transportation Engineering
Bachelor’s Degree is offered in the following disciplines:
  • • Architecture
  • • Business Administration
  • • Business Information Technology
  • • Product and Industrial Design
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree is offered in the following disciplines:
  • • Chemistry
  • • Mathematics
  • • Physics

Undergraduate Degrees offered by UET Kala Shah Kaku (KSK) Campus

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree is offered in the following disciplines:
  • • Biomedical Engineering
  • • Computer Science
  • • Chemical Engineering
  • • Electrical Engineering
  • • Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate Degrees offered by UET Narowal

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree is offered in the following disciplines:
  • • Electrical Engineering
  • • Mechatronics & Control Engineering
  • • Chemical Engineering
  • • Textile Engineering

Undergraduate Degrees offered by UET Rachna College of Engineering and Technology Gujranwala

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree is offered in the following disciplines:
  • • Electrical Engineering
  • • Mechanical Engineering
  • • Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
  • • Computer Science

Undergraduate Degrees offered by UET Faisalabad Campus

Uet Faislabad

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree is offered in the following disciplines:
  • • Biomedical Engineering
  • • Electrical Engineering
  • • Mechanical Engineering
  • • Civil Engineering
  • • Computer Science
Check out this link for programs available to DAE and BSc Engineering Technology or equivalent degree holders: Click Here

UET Admissions Requirements and Criteria

UET general admissions criteria for eligibility

  • ● Minimum 60% in Intermediate/DAE or equivalent foreign qualification
  • ● Appear in the entry test for the desired degree
  • ● Entry test subjects should be the same as Intermediate subjects because the candidate will only be eligible for programs relevant to these subjects (see below UET required subject combinations)
  • ● If you want to get admitted based on B.Sc. Engineering Technology or equivalent degree, minimum 60% of CGPA of 2.5/4.0 needed
  • ● Minimum C grade in A-Levels Physics, Maths/Biology, and Chemistry/Computer Science
  • ● Minimum 50% aggregate marks according to Merit Calculation formula
  • ● Be a bonafide resident of the areas from where you seek admission
  • ● Meet physique and eyesight criteria laid down in medical certificate

UET conditional admission 2020

The following conditions apply because admissions will be done before Inter Part 2 or equivalent results come out:
  • ● Admission will be canceled and fees reimbursed for candidates who have failed to secure 60% in their Intermediate, DAE or BSc Engineering Technology or other equivalent degrees
  • ● Admission will be canceled and fees returned for A-Level applicants unable to secure C grade in the required subjects

UET other admissions criteria


  • ● Your Intermediate subjects should match those that are required for the program you are interested in (see below UET required subject combinations)
  • ● Candidates with BSc Engineering Technology or equivalent degrees can only apply to degrees which are relevant to his previous degree, as prescribed by the university
  • ● Candidates with DAE can only apply to a degree in the branch of engineering which is relevant to his previous degree, as prescribed by the university

UET required subject combinations and relevant degrees

Subject combinationsEligible programs
Chemistry, Physics, MathsAll UET programs
Computer Science, Physics, Maths
  • • Computer Science,
  • • Computer Engineering
  • • City and Regional Planning
  • • Product and Industrial Design, Mathematics
  • • Architecture
  • • Physics
Statistics, Physics, Maths
  • • Physics
  • • Architecture
  • • City and Regional Planning (CRP)
  • • Mathematics
  • • Product and Industrial Design (PID)
Chemistry, Physics, Biology
  • • Chemistry
  • • Physics
  • • Biomedical Engineering

UET admission process and procedure

  • ● University staff members are available for guidance during the admissions period
  • ● You are recommended to submit the documents as soon as possible
  • ● After the selection process, the merit list will be released showing the percentage marks for applicants in different degrees and categories
  • ● All documents should be attested by a Class I gazetted officer of the government or a Class A gazetted office of the university

UET admissions schedule

  • ● The admissions test will be conducted in the middle of June each year
  • ● Admissions will officially begin in the first week of July every year
  • ● Applications can be submitted until the end of July every year
  • ● First merit list will be released in the first week of August every year
  • ● Classes will begin in Fall with other sessions already in progress

UET merit calculation

The merit calculation considers the following:
  • ● Intermediate results for the subjects in the table above
  • ● DAE or BSc. Engineering Technology or equivalent for reserved seats only
  • ● Entry test

Aggregate merit calculation method

For all possible streams the weightage assigned to different factors in the merit calculation is as follows:
  • ● Intermediate stream
    • ○ Entry test marks: 30%
    • ○ Matric marks: 25%
    • ○ First-year marks: 45%
  • ● DAE stream
    • ○ ET marks: 30%
    • ○ Sum of first and second year marks: 70%
  • ● BSc Engineering Technology or equivalent degree
    • ○ ET marks: 30%
    • ○ CGPA of 7 semesters if degree incomplete: 70%
  • ● Foreign qualification
    • ○ ET marks:30%
    • ○ 11th class marks (O Levels or equivalent): 70%
  • ● P.S:
    • ○ If Inter or equivalent qualification has been completed, Part I result will be used
    • ○ If foreign qualification has been done, letter grades will be converted to marks using IBCC formula, for which the certificate has to be submitted after admission
    • ○ For BSc engineering technology degree holders, CGPA of 2.5/4.0 would be 60% and 4.0/4.0 would be 90%

Credit for Hafiz e Quran

To get credit for hifz, you are required to do the following:
  • ● Fill the necessary box in the application form online
  • ● Appear and receive marks from 0 to 20 from the verification committee after an oral test
  • ● The following formula is used in such cases:
    • ○ Percentage marks in Inter/DAE/BSc Engineering Tech or equivalent degree+ (marks by verification committee/11)
  • ● The verification test will be held in UET Lahore at 9 AM on 15 July 2020

Credit for sportsmanship

To get a maximum of ten marks to your academic marks:
  • ● Fill in the relevant checkbox on the application form online
  • ● Verification committee will provide marks on the following criteria
    • ○ 5 marks for showing endurance in physical test
    • ○ 1 mark for college-level championship
    • ○ 2 mark for district-level championship
    • ○ 3 mark for divisional level championship
    • ○ 4 mark for provincial level championship
    • ○ 5 mark for national-level championship or under 18 representation abroad
  • ● The following formula is used in such cases:
    • ○ Percentage marks in Inter/DAE/BSc Engineering Tech or equivalent degree+ (marks by verification committee/11)
  • ● The verification test will be held at 9 AM on 16 July 2020, in the office of the Chairman Sports Committee along with Convener Admission Committee

Determining merit in cases of equal percentages between applicants

If candidates have an equal merit calculation, they will be considered equal and will all be admitted if only one seat is left.

Category wise merit calculation

For selection purposes, candidates are divided into categories, and comparison of merit calculation takes place only amongst candidates from the same category. A set number of seats is pre-assigned to these categories as per the details given below.

Submitted preferences and merit-based transfer

If a seat becomes vacant in the list of preferences for programs that you submitted, you will automatically be transferred to that program.

UET application categories

For selection purposes, candidates are divided into categories, and comparison of merit calculation takes place only amongst candidates from the same category. A set number of seats is pre-assigned to these categories as per the details given here: Click Here

UET Application process and steps

Supporting documents required

For all applicants, attested copies of the following:
  • ● Degree, diploma or certificate of all the exams which you are applying on the basis of
  • ● Detailed marks certificates
  • ● B-form or CNIC
  • ● Domicile certificate
  • ● If Inter completed, certificate of passing additional mathematics
  • ● Read “Credit for Hafiz e Quran” clause in the prospectus
  • ● Read “Credit for Sports” clause in the prospectus
  • ● If you are applying for a seat based on the category of being from the province where your parents in the Armed Forces have been posted, submit an original certificate from GOC or equivalent about the location their posting

Additional documents applicable only to certain categories

Category M
  • ● Original certificate from UET Lahore Registrar on Form V and undertaking of being unmarried on Form VI
Category N
  • ● Attested copy of the degree(s) of candidate’s parents
Category O
  • ● Attested copy of parent’s degree issued by UET
Category S & SI
  • ● Original certificate on Form F-VIII to prove parent’s employment in a foreign country and a photocopy of his resident visa attested by the Pakistan embassy in that country
  • ● For an orphan in this category, additional documents are required: (1) Father’s death certificate Issued by NADRA (2) Proof of relationship with the guardian in the form of CNIC of all family members and NADRA Family Registration Certificate (FRC) highlighting the Family Tree structure of the applicant and (3) Nikahnama copy in case the guardian is the maternal uncle of the applicant

For applicants domiciled in Punjab with qualifications from outside Punjab

Candidates in categories A1, A2, L, N, Q, R who have completed the secondary school examination and the higher secondary school education from a Board that’s not included in Punjab or Federal Capital Areas
Candidates in category I who completed DAE from a Board outside Punjab
Candidates in category P who have completed their BSc Engineering Technology or equivalent degree from outside UET
Are supposed to submit the following additional documents:
  • ● If your parent is a government servant from Punjab but serving in another province, then he should produce a certificate on Form V from his department head affirming his permanent residency in Punjab (the applicant’s study period should correspond with the parents posting in Punjab)
  • ● Children of Armed Forces personnel can apply on basis of merit from seats based on the province of their domicile or the province of their parents posting (for example, if an applicant domiciled in Sindh with their parent posted in Punjab applies, they can apply against seats reserved for Sindh as well as those for Punjab—however, he will have to submit a GOC certificate of the area regarding the place of his parents posting, if he applies under A1 or A2)

All other applicants are required to submit the following documents

  • ● Attested copy of fathers/mothers domicile certificate from the Federal Capital Area Islamabad or Punjab province
  • ● Proof in the form of a certificate on Form VI from the election officer of the area testifying that the name of your parents appears in the electoral rolls
  • ● Attested copy of the page of the electoral rolls where the parents’ name appears
  • ● Attested copy of the parents’ identity card
  • ● Undertaking from the applicant on Form VI

For an applicant of UET whose father is not alivents

  • ● Document proof of father’s death
  • ● Document evidence of his parents’ property in Punjab or Federal Capital Area, Islamabad

UET application fee

  • ● Prospectus and application form fees is Rs. 400/-
  • ● Application processing and preference fee is Rs.1100/-
  • ● Both have to be paid when purchasing the prospectus
  • ● Both fees are refundable

UET online application form

  • ● Fill the form at Click Here
  • ● Enter your entry test roll number, date of birth, and CNIC number
  • ● On the next page, you will have to enter your obtained and total marks in Inter or any equivalent degree
  • ● You will then choose your preferences for programs, campuses, and categories
  • ● Remember
    • ○ Preferences cannot be changed later and ineligible categories will result in the application being canceled
    • ○ You will automatically be considered for transfer from lower to higher preferences without the possibility of freezing in a lower preference
    • ○ Requests for moving into a lower preference can only be done online from admitted candidates only after the scheduled announcement of the fourth and last merit list
  • ● Print the application form and attach all the required documents, according to the Declaration Form in the prospectus

Application submission

The complete final application has to be submitted at designated places in the university, after which the candidate will get a receipt listing the preferences entered by them. Applications submitted through post or courier will not be accepted.

Incomplete applications

Incomplete applications will not be accepted at all. All the submissions fees will also be withheld.

UET Fee Structure 2020

The fee structure for UET session 2020 is show in table below.
SubsidizedPartially SubsidizedNon-Subsidized
First Semester(Fall)56,734.00167,190.00301,590.00
Second Semester(Spring)49,034.00148,490.00282,890.00
Third Semester(Fall)61,733.68184,124.40334,652.40
Fourth Semester(Spring)61,733.68184,124.40334,652.40
Fifth Semester(Fall)67,3333.32203,090.93371,682.29
Sixth Semester(Spring)67,3333.32203,090.93371,682.29
Seventh Semester(Fall)73,604.92224,333.44413,155.76
Eigth Semester(Spring)73,604.92224,333.44413,155.76
Total 8 Semesters Program511,111.841,538,777.532,823,460.90
Ninth Semester(Fall)80,402.52246,992.12458,473.12
Tenth Semester(Spring)80,402.52246,992.12458,473.12
Total (10 Semesters Program)671,916.892,032,761.773,740,407.14
Additional details of fee structure for various categories can be accessed at this link: Click Here

UET Entry Test Information for 2020 Admissions

Computerized ECAT Entry Test 2020

Entry test for BSc Engineering and BSc Engineering Technology programs of Punjab will be held in collaboration with Virtual University (VU), and it will be administered digitally with venues and resources provided by VU. Test centers chosen by the applicant, and the time and date both of the Mock Test and Entry Test will be printed on the Entry Test Admit Card.

UET Mock ECAT Date and Time 2020


  • • A mock test to provide guidance to candidates on taking the digital test will take place on Saturday and Sunday, a week before the Entry Test in the respective VU Centers at the allocated time.
  • • The Entry Test will be taken on Saturday and Sunday a week after the Mock Test, in the same VU centers.

Who can appear in UET Entry Test (ECAT) 2020?

  • ● There are no restrictions on taking the Entry Test, but an appearance in it does not give the right to apply for admission in Engineering and Engineering Technology universities of Punjab
  • ● According to the Pakistan Engineering Council, the following qualifications are needed to apply to engineer undergraduate programs:
    • ○ Inter Pre Engineering or an equivalent foreign certification
    • ○ Inter with physics and maths with CS or Statistics as the third subject or an equivalent foreign certification
    • ○ Inter Pre Medical or equivalent foreign certification
    • ○ DAE, BSc Engineering Technology or equivalent qualification

UET Entry Test tokens for 2020 admissions

Tokens for the entry test can be collected from designated HBL bank branches after payment of Rs 1200/- during the specified period.

Application submission and steps to get admit card

Applications will be submitted online and admit card will also be printed online via the web portal. These are the steps for receipt of admit card:
  • ● Fill the Entry Test application at with the provision of the token serial number and token number
  • ● Upload a recent passport-sized colored picture with white background
  • ● Ensure that the photo is proper because it will be used for future reference and won’t change after the admit card is printed
  • ● Choose a test center and time slot, and your admit card will be generated
  • ● The deadline for the generation of the admit card is 24 May 2020, and it can be reprinted until the day of the test

Choosing the test center for UET Entry Test 2020

  • ● Applicants are advised to select a test center closest to their location of domicile
  • ● Try your best to apply as soon as possible because seats for your desired center and time may run out before the deadline

UET Entry Test / ECAT 2020 details

  • ● The following areas will be tested:
    • ○ Physics 30%
    • ○ Maths 30%
    • ○ English 10%
    • ○ Optional subject 30%
  • ● Applicants with a Pre Medical background will be tested:
    • ○ Physics 30%
    • ○ English 10%
    • ○ Chemistry 30%
    • ○ Biology 30%
  • ● The test will be at Intermediate difficulty and can be taken in one of these combinations:
    • ○ Physics, Mathematics, English & Chemistry.
    • ○ Physics, Mathematics, English & Computer Science
    • ○ Physics, Mathematics, English & Statistics
    • ○ Physics, Chemistry, English, and Biology
  • ● Applicants should choose the desired combination in the application form. DAE/B. Tech applicants can opt for Chemistry or CS as an optional subject
  • ● No rechecking facility will be offered
  • ● If you miss your slot, you cant choose another one

Photo ID details for the Entry test

  • ● NADRA Juvenile Card
  • ● Official photo ID as in the certificate of Matric/Inter
  • ● Computerized domicile certificate with a picture
  • ● Passport
  • ● Statement of entry for CIE background students
  • ● Failure to bring photo ID may cause expulsion

UET latest admission policy for the entry test 2020

  • • UET has recently announced that candidates who are waiting for the results of their Intermediate Part II are also eligible to sit in the Entry Test.
  • • The new policy enables UET to accept students on the basis of marks in the Entry Test, Matric, Inter 1st year, or O Levels. These decisions have been taken with respect to justice in the larger picture of students of all backgrounds getting an equal chance to attend their desired universities.

Common Questions about UET

What is the closing merit of UET?

Check out this link that lists the minimum aggregate for every program and for every category: Click Here

Is UET entry test (ECAT) hard?

To understand the difficulty level of the test, refer to the table below which shows marks out of 400 attained by students in 2019 from different areas
CityAverage ScoreMaximum Score
Multan (NFC)88270
Rahim Yar Khan84257
For more details see this link that lists down the performance of students in past exams: Click Here

What is the language used for teaching at UET?

Mostly English

Can students from outside Lahore get accommodation if they get accepted into UET Lahore?

Yes UET does provide hostel residence to students from outside Lahore.

Is UET Taxila a part of UET Lahore?

No, it was given an independent charter in 1993 so they are both separate universitiies

How can I prepare for the admissions test?

Prepare and revise material from FSc/DAE/ICS books to perform well in the test

Are scholarships given to accepted students?

For scholarship information, visit this link: Click Here, and contact: [email protected] for further queries

Is my college affiliated with UET?

Find out if your college is affiliated with UET here: Click Here
Make sure you follow the above guidelines to the letter and you will find yourself a part of one of Pakistan’s most prestigious institutions very soon!

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