NUST Admission
If you’re reading this, it’s probably because NUST is your dream university and you really want to be a part of it. Here’s how you can increase your chances of admission to the top notch university of Pakistan.
How to increase your chances
There are 3 ways through which you can apply to NUST. Apply on all 3 and you really stand a good chance if making it through one at least. Keep reading to see how you may be eligible to apply for all 3 seats.
Taking the NET
The NUST Entrance exams is conducted thrice a year. A lot of students tend to apply for NET 3 alone because they don’t feel like they are prepared well enough to apply in advance. There are 2 points that oppose that:
  • NUST will use your highest score out of all your attempts so you should not worry about not doing well the first them. It’s always good to familiarize yourself with the pattern in NET-1 and prepare for NET-2. Using questions posted online for a flavor of the test can never be the same as having taken the test once and knowing exactly about the time constraints and types of questions involved.
  • Students who take the NET usually report that the emphasis on the chapters in the NET’s varies so there’s a good chance that one particular session may have more questions from chapters you are good at. NET-1 may seem easier to some students over NET-2 so it’s important to avail all your chances.
The much dreaded NET is not as hard as it seems if a structured approach is applied to conquer it. Follow this link for some tips to help you ace the NET: Tips for Acing the NET
Applying on the SAT National Seat
Application on basis of the NET is the most common way to apply to NUST and, hence, more competitive as well. Students in the FSc stream have an edge since it is directly linked to their course content. There are students who believe their retention is not good as their concepts and applying on basis of SAT may be the perfect way to apply! SAT, conducted by Collegeboard, is a very challenging test that students with strong conceptual skills do well in. Since not too many people think of applying on basis of SAT so with less applicants you stand a greater chance of securing admission. SAT is conducted multiple times throughout the year so you can appear for it when you feel the time is right for you, However, make sure you submit your report well in time by when the NUST admission office expects to receive it. Merit list for candidates applying on the basis of SAT for national seats is prepared separately. There are a few exceptions to those who can apply on basis of SAT, Do check those with the admissions office
Yes, Pakistani Students can apply on basis of SAT International as well!
A separate merit list is prepared for students applying through this category and because not too many are aware of the few seats available in this category, it is easy to secure admission through this channel. As per the NUST website, the following can apply on the international seat:
  • Foreigners and Pakistanis having dual nationality, irrespective of the place of their study of HSSC or equivalent, Pakistan or abroad.
  • Pakistani students studied abroad for HSSC or equivalent but appearing in the Pakistani board from abroad.
  • Pakistani national students having passed an examination equivalent to intermediate level of Pakistan, from a foreign education system.
So if you reread the third bullet, any one who has come from the A level or IB stream or, any other recognized foreign qualification an intermediate level can apply as an international student as well! Merit on these seats is usually lower than SAT National Seats so it is easier to secure an admission with a not so perfect SAT score
*My Career Dreams has no affiliation with the admissions office at NUST and while we have tried to provide knowledge as accurately as possible we highly recommend that you visit the official website of NUST to determine the eligibility criteria before making any final decisions.
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