IBA Admission Application
Securing Admission into IBA
The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Karachi is one of the oldest and most renowned institutions in Pakistan. With several notable alumni and linkages with many respectable global institutions, it is a highly coveted college for students looking to excel in their careers every year.
Becoming eligible
The first step for the whole process to begin is for you to become eligible for admission. For this to happen, you should have a minimum of 2Bs and 1C in A-Levels or at least 65% in FSc. It is best to explicitly acknowledge this factor in your plans and efforts so that all your effort in the following steps don’t get overturned by a poor result.
The SAT cutoff
Getting admission into IBA can boil down to one main factor—your SAT score. For their BBA program, you need to get a minimum of 600 in each of the Mathematics and English components of the SAT I, as well as a minimum overall score of 1270 to get an exemption from their aptitude test. For their BS programs in Computer Science and Economics and Mathematics, you need only a minimum of 640 in Mathematics and 600 in the English component. Additionally, the science programs also require to score at least 650 out of 800 in the SAT II for Mathematics for them.
Now once you meet this cutoff, you can relax as you get an exemption from the dreaded aptitude test. After this, you are all clear to move on directly to the interview stage. However if you don’t meet this cutoff, you will have to sit for the aptitude test.
Aptitude test
The aptitude test is modeled after the SAT I for the BBA program, and both SAT I and II Mathematics for the other degree programs. The English portion of the test aims to gauge your language proficiency and grasp over the language that will be used as the medium of education. The Maths portion tests basic mathematical knowledge (but not too basic) that will a prerequisite for the courses you study later on. Don’t forget to practice from the past paper which can be found at and check the syllabus at .
Interview stage and group discussion
The interview stage is very similar to an open-ended discussion. This can include a variety of topics from your introduction to future aspirations to hobbies, perhaps even touching on your personal statement. All you need is to have basic communication skills and the ability to have a conversation with the interview to reasonably convince them that you are a worthy candidate for allocating their coveted seat to. This is also complemented by a brief discussion. If you are wondering how that’s even relevant to getting admitted, success in the workplace requires communication and collaboration with others. The group discussion essentially simulates that which you will be inevitably put in throughout your university life, when it comes to projects and class discussions. The key is to voice your opinions but in a friendly manner, as opposed to being dominating on one extreme or totally timid on the other.
So there you have it, getting admitted into one of Pakistan’s top business schools hopefully does not feel too intimidating now that you have an insight into the admission process. The idea is to break it down into plausible aims to complete one by one.
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