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Applying to FAST-NUCES

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How will I be tested?

For applying for FAST Bachelor’s degree, you have two entry test options. One test covers admission for the BBA and ACF degree while the other covers for BS CS and BE EE.
For the BBA and ACF entry test, you will have to prepare English, Essay Writing, Analytical Skills & IQ and Basic Math. The test will be computerised and will be based off a 100 Multiple Choice Based questions followed by an essay question at the end. The test questions and their weightages are divided as such:
English3015%25 mins
Basic Maths4040%40 mins
Analytical skills & IQ3030%40 mins
Essay Writing15%15 mins
For BS CS and EE entry test, you have to prepare English, Analytical Skills & IQ, Basic Math, Adv. Math and Physics. The test will be computer based and will comprise of a 100 questions. The test questions and their weightages are divided as such:
English2010%15 mins
Basic Maths1010%10 mins
Analytical skills & IQ2020%20 mins
Advanced Maths4040%40 mins
Physics1020%15 mins
The total time for both the tests is 2 hours.

What will I be tested on?

  1. Basic Maths:
    • The questions are simple maths questions consisting of fractions and BODMAS based questions
  2. Advanced Maths:
    • The questions are tougher in this part.
    • This section would cover all the concepts that you have covered in FSC or A levels, including differentiation, trigonometry, vectors, matrices, probability, algebra and integration.
    • These questions can be really tough and you should be well prepared for this section as it amounts to a lot in terms of weightage
    • A good idea would be to practice as much as you can so you have clear concepts and are able to manage your time as well.
  3. Physics:
    • This would cover all the subjects that you covered during your duration of study in FSc or A levels
    • The questions can sometimes be time taking especially if they are numericals. It is important to find a way with which you can reach solutions faster by practicing different questions beforehand.
  4. English:
    • The questions are basic. They compromise of Vocabulary and Grammar questions.
    • It is important to have a good grip on English Grammar to ace this section
  5. Analytical skills & IQ:
    • As the name suggests, this section includes IQ related questions.
    • These can be tricky for some students and easy for some. The hidden trick to solving these questions is finding the right pattern in the question. It is a good practice to recognise the change in the series given in the question by comparing the last to previous to identify the pattern

Taking the test

For the FAST entry test you will be provided login credentials for your test. Try to not be late. Be at the test center at least 45 mins before the exam because you can clear through security and get settled at your designated computer.
When you begin the test, this i the sort of view you will be presented with.:
fast test icon

Tips to consider

  • It is important to take care of the timer on the top right corner. This time is different for every section (refer to tables above) so keep an eye out for it. After the time for a particular section ends the test with automatically close and you will be asked to start the next section.
  • It is okay to skip a question as you can revisit all the questions later.
  • Make sure that the questions you have answered are saved correctly and also are not marked as skipped. If so,do consult the invigilator about this issue.
  • In case of a power shutdown, you will have to continue your test when the power comes back. Your exam will restart from the section, where you left it from, but all the questions you have marked will be resetted so you will have to mark them all up again. So be sure to check that.
We wish you best of luck with your test. May the odds be in your favor!