About us
My Career Dreams is Pakistan’s first free online Career Counselling Service for Students. This web service is aimed at revolutionizing how students make their decision regarding what career streams to choose.
My Career Dreams is a result of valuable advice offered by highly qualified career counselors and input from psychologists fused together by very experienced data scientists. It employs artificial intelligence injected by a team of computer scientists to generate the most optimal advice. Lastly, it promises that the underlying model used to generate advice improves as more and more students use it.
We believe every student:
  • Deserves an equal opportunity to receive quality Career Advice
  • Needs to be well informed about the options they can explore
  • Can realize their career goals with proper guidance
Therefore, we encourage students to avail this service to understand what career streams are the perfect fit for them and, use the advice offered to them to focus on achieving their dream career goals realistically. All advice dispensed by this web service has been approved by certified Career Counsellors. Receive your career advice- anytime, anywhere, at absolutely no cost!
What We Offer
We, at My Career Dreams, believe in equipping students with relevant and up to date information and advice focused towards them so they are able to chisel out their career dreams into practical goals.
We offer:
  • Updated information on the latest market trends
  • Tips from expert career counsellors
  • Aptitude Assessment
  • Insights on what to expect in multiple career streams
  • Information about potential university options
  • Advice on eligibility and suitability of a students to various streams
Who this Service is for
This service will be useful for students in
Class 7 & 8
O Levels
FSc/ FA/ ICom
A levels
Get Involved
For Parents
Are you concerned about your child’s decision to opt for a career stream?
We understand how every parent is concerned about the secure future of their children. And building a future starts right from deciding upon a career stream. It is quite common for parents to make up their mind about what career their child should opt for in the future. Many a time, this decision is based on their own aspirations. Have you really assessessed whether your choice is compatible with the child’s aptitude and ambitions? Have you researched current market trends to see what careers have a high demand? Have you helped your children understand their strengths?
Is it fair to make a career decision for your child without exploring their aptitude and talent?
The result is the child choosing a career that does not suit their aptitude or attitude and they struggle to excel. This can lead to frustrations and poor performance later on in their lives and it becomes too late to switch career streams, as determined through research .
Who can you trust for career counselling?
The limited career counselling services offered involve career advice by individuals who are not qualified for the job and are charging exuberant amounts per session. Market trends change and finding someone who is abreast with them can really be a challenge
How you can get involved
As a parent, you should encourage your child to avail this free of cost career counselling service as early as 9th grade. All advice that our service offers has been approved by certified career counsellors so rest assured, it has been carefully composed. Discuss the generated report with your child, use it to understand what makes your child suitable for a particular field and make this crucial decision in a more informed and stress free manner.